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History of HAH in France

1945 : American experiment in "Home Care" by Dr Bluestone at Montefiore Hospital in New York

1950: Beginning of discussions in France about the possibility of treating patients at home, particularly cancer patients

1957 : Creation of the first Hospitalisation at Home facility within the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris - AP-HP (Paris Public Hospitals).

1970 : Legal recognition of HAH by the Hospital Act of 30 December 1970

1973: Creation of the Fédération Nationale des Etablissements d'Hospitalisation A Domicile - FNHEAD (National Federation of Hospitalisation at Home Establishments)

1991: Hospital Reform Act of 31 July 1991 recognising Hospitalisation A Domicile as a fully-fledged alternative to traditional hospitalisation.

2006: Circular dated 1st December 2006 reiterating the multi-purpose and generalist nature of HAH. It also clarifies the authorisation procedures, obligations and role of HAH players. This circular refers to the need to develop this type of care.

2007: Decree of 22 February 2007 authorising HAH establishments to care for patients in residential establishments for the elderly, with or without medical facilities (EHPAD and EHPA).

2009 : "Hospital Patients Health Territory" law recognising HAH as a fully-fledged form of hospitalisation and guaranteeing the protection of the name "home hospital care".

September 2012: Decrees extending the scope of HAH to all social and medico-social establishments with accommodation.

2013: Circular of 4 December 2013 on the positioning and development of hospital at home (HAH).

(Source: https: //www.fnehad.fr/quest-ce-que-lhad/ )

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